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A contemporary 12 String with classic tones...

The Seagull S12 Spruce is a fantastic option for the 12 string players out there! Whether you're trying to dial in the classic SRV or Peter Frampton sound, or you're trying to amplify your own sound, the Seagull S12 should be a top choice.

Featuring a Solid Spruce top, laminated Cherry sides/back, and a Rosewood Board, this guitar is made with quality in mind. The Seagull headstock provides greater tuning stability and string tension without compromising on style. The "Concert-Hall" body gives it a defined and clear tone while not sacrificing on the low end response and volume projection.

The additional Fishman Presys II System makes plugging in a breeze. The EQ, Tuner, and Pickup makes this guitar extremely useful and versatile, and the simple layout makes it a breeze to master.

Questions? Feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to help you out!

Seagull S12

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