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  Cheech Iero    


Cheech Iero’s professional life seems to move as fast as his hands and feet when playing his drums and cymbals. His career can be traced from his Las Vegas playing, to his work as one of the music scene’s most in-demand studio session musicians, from house drummer/project coordinator 
for Record Plant Recording Studios, to clinician, writer and Associate Editor of Modern Drummer Magazine.   


In his experience in performance, recording, and academics, Cheech  has worked with the most successful musicians in the world of music. His drumming can be heard on countless recordings including My Chemical Romance's multi-platinum album “Welcome To The Black Parade.”

Cheech is a certified instructor of The Sabian  Education Network, dedicated to the highest quality of drumming education by sharing, motivating, and inspiring in every lesson. His percussive teaching methods have molded hundreds of students, including Julian Lennon, son of Beatle John Lennon, as well as Cheech’s own son Frank Iero, of My Chemical Romance fame.


In addition to his scholastic credits, Cheech is also the Director of Sales and Artist Relations of the world-famous Cappella Drum Stick Company. 

Hear Cheech's music

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
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Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
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The Boogie - Paul Plumeri
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I Need Your Money - Paul Plumeri
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