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  Christopher Heitmann    

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Owner, guitar

At age 12, after hearing a friend strumming a few chords, Chris knew he wanted to play guitar and started taking lessons. Little did he know that those first basic notes would eventually lead to a lifelong passion and a successful career in music.  "The sound of the guitar and what can be done with it is infinite," he says. "It's enough to keep me interested forever."


Chris has always been intrigued by jazz, so at 16, he studied jazz guitar with Bob Wall. While in high school, he also started playing in commercial rock and top-40 bands.


Bob Wall prepared Chris for the Bucks County Community College music program. While there, he studied jazz performance with Ed Flanagan and Joseph Federico, and also started to teach guitar in the community.


In 1989, at age 29, Chris acquired Music Forte (originally called Music Services Unlimited). Meanwhile, he continued to play all over the United States in bands, now concentrating on jazz, instrumental, funk, and blues, and composing original pieces.


Chris' priority has always been to offer quality, comprehensive instrumental instruction in a comfortable, relaxing environment. He wants his music teachers to share their infectious enthusiasm for music with their students and to make music fun.

Hear Chris' original music


Advice to new musicians:  I've always enjoyed practicing – and still do. Practicing is the foundation of all accomplished musicians. If you can learn to enjoy it, then you're on the right path.

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