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Melanie Perez has been delighted to teach piano at Music Forte since 2019. She is a classically trained pianist and has focused her studies on composers such as Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, and many others. She obtained her associate degree in liberal arts and sciences from Mercer County Community College in 2019, but has continued her piano studies with her professor, Joshua Wilson, an accomplished pianist who studied at Westminster Choir College.
Melanie’s approach to piano is to help students build a strong understanding of harmony, music theory, ear training, and body awareness. With this strong foundation, students will be able to enjoy playing music from any genre. Melanie seeks to build a safe and nurturing environment where students can learn to love and enjoy music. She believes that piano lessons should be exciting and encouraging.
In addition to teaching piano privately at Music Forte, Melanie teaches music classes at The Morrisville Montessori School where she helps children from preschool to kindergarten to build a relationship with music through singing and movement. She also teaches the spring piano club at Bucks County Montessori Charter School, where she helps students build a basic understanding of piano in a group setting.
Although Melanie is a classical pianist, she loves playing music from other artists such as Taylor Swift, Adele, Ella Fitzgerald, and Regina Spektor. Melanie is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish.



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