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Ritchie Blackmore isn't the same sort of household favorite guitarist as the likes of Jimmy Paige, Jimi Hendrix, or even Jimmy Buffet. His name isn't even always remembered when mentioning his band's hits. Despite this, if it wasn't for his playing, ever beginner guitarist wouldn't learn the same 4 note riff.

This Strat is an affordable recreation of an iconic classic. Featuring an Alder body, Maple Neck, and a Scalloped Rosewood Fretboard... and it's as cool as it looks. The wood choice makes this guitar moderately weighted, sustain heavy guitar. The scalloped frets take some getting used to, but it really speeds up a player's speed.

The electronics are funky, just like everything else on this guitar. The Neck and Bridge are Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups. The Middle is just a dummy pickup. The guitar also features Fender 70s F style tunes, a 3 Bolt microtilt neckplate, and a bullet truss rod. The crowning piece is the 70s headstock right up on top.

This guitar is next to mint, the only thing missing being the plastic wrap. The guitar comes with it's original straplocks/strap, and has zero blemishes or issues.

Questions? Feel free to reach out, or stop by and check it out today!

2021 Fender "Ritchie Blackmore Sig." Stratocaster

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