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While labeled as a "Selmer New York", this Tenor sax is really a 1921 Buescher

This early American sax is free blowing, sweet sounding, and well intonated. This saxophone recieved a full overhaul from our Brass/Woodwind Technician Jeff Neuhoff. The original laquor has worn off in places, but the horn itself still looks great. The brass has gained a very nice patina, and has been fully cleaned. Like previously mentioned, this sax recieved a full overhaul. It has all new pads, has had all dents removed, and has thoroughly tested. 

While not the most ergomic sax currently available, it's a great sounding vintage piece for any player. 

This sax does come with a brand new Pro-Tec case, no mouthpiece is included. 

1921 "Selmer New York" Buescher True Tone

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