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Flute & Piccolo


Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone Set-ups include:  

  • replace necessary pads corks and felts  
  • repair necessary bent and binding keys,
  • regulate keys and adjust key heights  
  • replace necessary tenon corks on clarinets,
  • replace head cork on flute and piccolo
  • replace neck cork on saxophones,  
  • reseat necessary pads on saxophones,  
  • clean and polish instrument
  • oil and grease instrument

Flute Set-up

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  • student: closed hole    
  • intermediate: open hole    
  • professional: open hole, solid silver    

Flute Overhaul

  • student: closed hole    
  • intermediate: open hole    
  • professional: open hole solid silver  

Picollo Set-Up

  • student              
  • intermediate  
  • professional

Picollo Overhaul

  • student  
  • intermediate    
  • professional    

Clarinet Set up

  • student: plastic    
  • intermediate: wood    
  • professional granadilla wood    


Clarinet Overhaul

  • student: plastic    
  • intermediate: wood    
  • professional: granadilla wood    


Saxophone Set up

  • Student    
  • Intermediate    
  • professional    

Saxophone Overhaul

  • student    
  • intermediate    
  • professional    


Woodwind Repairs

  • replace saxohone neck cork    
  • replace clarinet tenon    
  • replace 1 pad and regulate, clarinet     
  • replace 1 pad and adjustg flute 
  • replace 1 pad and adjust saxohone   
  • replace 1 contact cork & adjust key    
  • replace flute or piccalo head cork   
  • repair bent or binding key(s)    
  • soft solder guard foot  
  • soft solder bracing    
  • silver solder key    
  • replace key spring    


  • flush and basic service    
  • set up: student    
  • set up: intermediate    
  • setup: professional   


  • flush and basic service     (includes minor slide work)
  • set-up and repair slide: student     
  • set-up and repair slide pro      
  • repiar slide only   
  • repair tunning or slide cooks    

General brass repairs

  • repair valve   
  • solder detached brace   
  • silver solder broken brace    
  • remove stuck tunning slide    
  • replace water cork    
  • Dent work    




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